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VO Chart



Jerry Ragle, CDT

Adjust your VO not the restoration

RDL's VO chart reflects the RX definitions of occlusal spacing, or what we call, the Vertical Out measurment.  Very few cases follow PKT Centric occlusal contacting therefore RDL determines a dentists preferences by their submission of the Comment Form which is received with every case invoice.  It's simple...  if you have to adjust we adjust your VO, but we need to know you had to adjust.  

We have found that most teeth have a mobility of .20mm during compression, this is what we call our Tape Pull.  Only about 5% of cases fall into that range.  Our default is what we call VO1 which measusres the occlusal space as .40mm in the software.  85% of the cases we fabricate fall into the VO1 range.  Implants default is VO2, or .50mm out of occlusion, due to the static position in the bone.  

If you have had to adjust a crown, bridge or implant let us know, it's a simple fix in the design software...  we also don't like to see our work ground on or your time spent doing so.

The VO selections are listed on RDL's RX but if you are using a digital RX please note in the Notes section of the RX..

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