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Ragle Dental Laboratory was established in 1979.  Back then there was one porcelain for a PFM, Ceramco.  In fact, many dentist in 1979 put on their RX "Ceramco Crown" before PFM became the acronym used.  Today their are a wide variety of materials used.  Zirconia for one, has more brand names than one could mention.  Emax, lithium disilicate, now called a CAD Block, has stood the test of time.  Although there is still a place for PFM these two materials dominate the marketplace.  

Scanners, only were introduced in 2007 have now become a regular mainstay in most practices.  Ragle was an early adopter of the technology purchasing 20 iTero scanners in 2008 and distributed those to clients who showed an interest.  Ragle also became Cadent's 1st  iTero regional model milling center for model distribution throughout the US.  Today, models are printed and 98% of the restorations fabricated by Ragle are the before-mentioned materials, Zirconia and Emax.  We don't even have a casting machine...  

Printing of models became a thing in 2016 for Ragle.  Although we still have a "plaster bin", we print more than we pour.  With the introduction of digital dentures and the improvements of those resins, who knows, in a few years traditional carded teeth may be a thing of the past, but for now, they are still part of the Premium Denture.

I'd say by the time Ragle Dental Lab hits 50 years, June 2029, digital dentures will be in full swing!

So join us on this journey, there is a lot more to come!

Advertising Opportunities

Have a product you'd like RDL to check out?  Send us a message and we will refer it out to our clientele for feedback.  If it comes back with a good response we will post it here.  

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