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The Guided Sequence



Jerry Ragle, CDT

Diagnostic are key

All guided case must start with restorative diagnostics, without diagnostics there is no data to design the surgical guide.  Below are the sequence of steps to follow:


  • Laboratory to receive pre‐op models/scans or impressions, from the general dentist.

  • From the models, impressions or scans, diagnostics designs will be completed according to the dentists prescribe restorative

  • Screenshots will be sent to the general dentist for discussion and approval.

  • Once diagnostics are completed and approved, scan files will be created.  

  • Final files will include STL's of the upper and lower, with and without diagnostics, and dicom files.

  • All files will be uploaded to an Imaging Center. 

  • A Zoom review will be scheduled with the dentist and surgeon. 

  • After review, and implant placement completed, an STL file will be received from the imaging center.

  • RDL will print the guide and place the appropriate sleeves.

  • The 3D model with guide and the surgical report will be sent to the surgeon. 


  • Allow (5‐7) days for diagnostics and screenshots. 

  • (2‐4) days for scheduled review. 

  • Following approval of the review allow (3‐5) days for delivery of all needed materials.

  • Note: Times do not include patient scheduling/delays etc.

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