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Diagnostic Denture Set-up for a CBCT Implant Guide



Jerry Ragle, CDT

Guided Surgery

Two things are needed for diagnostics on a Guided Sugical case when a patient is currently wearing a denture and will be restored with an Implant Hybrid or Implant Bridgework.

1. Dicoms

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2. Clinical Digital Scan or Traditional Impression Protocols

  • Digital Scans: (1) Edentulous Ridge (If an upper include as much of the palate as possible), (2) Antagonist, (3) Bite Scan and (4) Full Scan of the denture itself.

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  • Traditional Impression, or Model: (1)Edentulous Ridge, (2) Antagonist, (3) Blu Mousee Bite and (4) the denture itself, or an impression of the denture in place exposing landmarks that will correlate to the Edentulous model.

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Diagnostic Denture Set-up for a CBCT Implant Guide

Guided Surgery

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