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Lucitone Digital Dentures



Jerry Ragle, CDT

A new material... a new technique

Digital Dentures are all the rave!! are the hurtles to jump and the hoops to jump through..

Workflows are very good. Those with a scanner are able to do more than without, but the workflows are very similar. There are several articles to view which will go through the process.

Dentsply tooth resins, whether IPN or the Value, shades come in all 16 shades. You will find the resin teeth a bit more translucent than the 3D IPN Portraits, but the resins are continually improving.  

The difference between using a resin tooth compaired to the 3D Portraits  is flexability.  3D Portraits cannot be altered as a traditional denture tooth, adequate space is needed.  Resin teeth on the other hand can be altered during the design phase.  

Whether as a full denture(s) or the patient would simply like a copy of their current as a spare, the processes are quite simple and predictable.  

Take a look at the workflows and see what you think.  If you have any questions submit those by clicking Contact Form.

RDL hosted an evening with Jimmy Stegall, on Wednesday November 15th at the iHotel.  The 2 hour presentation was recorded with permission.  Jimmy also shared a link of all his updated technique brochures.  See links below.

Next Level Dentures, Jimmy Stegall iHotel 11/15/23

Technique Brochures and Videos

Latest News

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